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Hm I’m doubtful that it’s gout, I think your toe hasn’t healed from the initial injury and that you should go get it examined and have a scan done, it’ll probs get worse and more prone to injury if you don’t

so what you’re saying is I shouldn’t play football every like I have been lately

popopopopopopopopopopos replied to your post “my friend said I could have gout and my only point of reference was…”

Is your big toe swollen and painful


basically in March, it was Tevyn’s birthday and I didn’t go cause I was hungry

I was so hungry that when I got off the bus I ran up the stairs at the flyover near my house and whacked my toe off one of the steps and it swelled up and bruised

once it went down, any time I knocked it, it would bruise again

2 2s now, I’m at work a few months later, and I went to jump over  a box and caught the same toe and it bent back and it got badly bruised again

then 2 weeks ago I kicked a ball over a fence and some eeediat white kid was moaning about it so when I went to go climb the fence my toe bent back and it’s been hurting again and out of place and what not


my friend said I could have gout and my only point of reference was that Julius had it on Everybody Hates Chris


Tevyn called me and said he is going to come down to finally give me a keyring from miami that he had claimed for 2 years he already gave me

then I was like “lets go suit shopping, I need to find a suit”

then he was like “yeah I need 2 buy suits”

and I said “why do you need 2 suits for, you ain’t got 2 bodies”

this was mad deep

I think Doctor Who was much better this week

Capaldi is too sick